Yarn Drops Big Mérino - vert forêt

DROPS Big Merino is the suite of DROPS Merino Extra Fine, 100% merino wool, thick and soft yarn, easy to maintain in the machine.

Warmth, softness and lightness, appreciated for winter projects and thick rooms.

Drops Big-Merino - uni colour 14 vert forêt

Yarn Drops Big Mérino - vert forêt

Réf : 14 - vert forêt uni colour 238

Wire group : C (16 - 19 mailles) / 10 ply / aran / worsted

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Composition : 100% laine

Weight : +/- 50gr - Width : +/- 75m

Recommended needle size :5mm

Échantillon10 x 10 cm

17m x 22r

13 pelotes balls to make a sweater size M (38-40)

Made in : CE Origin of the material: : Made in EU

DROPS Big Merino is the sequel to DROPS Merino Extra Fine, 100% merino wool (19.5 micron) from animals raised outdoors in South Africa and South America.

DROPS Big Merino is ideal for knitting structured stitches such as twists, the main characteristics of DROPS Big Merino are softness, volume, elasticity and a regular result. The wool is superwash treated and can therefore be machine washed and suitable for daily use.

DROPS Big Merino is particularly appreciated for projects that require fast construction, such as large sweaters, thick scarves, hats and winter accessories. Merino wool offers exceptional warmth and insulation, while being light and breathable. This makes it comfortable to wear and suitable for people with sensitive skin.

DROPS Big Merino is easy to work with and offers a good definition of points. It is suitable for beginners as well as experienced knitters and crocheters. Available in a range of varied colors, from neutral tones to bright and bold shades, this allows you to create vibrant and eye-catching pieces.

DROPS Big Merino is a special manufacture, sprained from many fine yarns, gives additional elasticity. This particular structure requires some special treatments: make sure to respect the tension and knit rather tighter than too loose. Do not wash clothes with too hot water and never let them soak. Dry well flat.