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The choice of a yarn to knit on the internet remains random: We cannot appreciate the texture and the colors change according to the screens.

It is to help you in this choice that we suggest that you attach twenty-five centimeter pieces of knitting yarn to your order. For multicolored yarns (big delight, delight, fabel, babylux color...), the sample is only a partial preview of the shade.

Attention: the bath of the samples is not necessarily the same as that of the balls that you will receive when you order.

It is possible to see color differences.

The number of samples is limited: 1 sample per 10 euro order excluding postage.

When you complete your order you will have the opportunity to:

  • choose them and in this case they will be attached to your order.
    If you have opened an account with Kalidou and you are logged in, if you do not choose all those to which you are entitled, the rest will be capitalized (see below).

  • to capitalize them
    if you have opened an account with Kalidou and are logged in). You will be able to choose them during a next order or at any time and order them by paying the shipping costs.
    consult your Samples capital in My accounts -> Samples

In any case, only connected customers have access to this feature.

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Showing 1-64 of 1156 item(s)