Yarn Drops Alpaca Bouclé - beige clair

DROPS Alpaca Bouclé is a soft fancy wool spined in alpaca. Specific variant of Drops Alpaca wool, unique texture with small soft and fluffy curls. Warmth and softness.

Drops Alpaca Bouclé - mix 2020 beige clair

Yarn Drops Alpaca Bouclé - beige clair

Réf : 2020 - beige clair mix 539

Wire group : C (16 - 19 mailles) / 10 ply / aran / worsted

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Composition : 80% alpaga, 15% laine, 5% polyamide

Weight : +/- 50gr - Width : +/- 140m

Recommended needle size :5mm

Échantillon10 x 10 cm

17m x 22r

8 pelotes balls to make a sweater size M (38-40)

Made in : CE Origin of the material: : Laine d'Amérique du Sud

DROPS Alpaca Bouclé is a soft fancy wool spined in alpaca. The fibers are not treated, which means that they have only been washed and have not been exposed to chemical treatment before dyeing. This strengthens the most beautiful qualities of wool, and at the same time obtains a better shape and quality of texture.

"Clocked" refers to the number of small loops in pure alpaca that gives the ball its characteristic look. 2-thread spun wool, the support yarn is a mixture of wool and nylon, which contributes to the strength of the yarn, and the combination of alpaca and curls gives a super soft wool with excellent performance and fantastic effect. Clothes in DROPS Alpaca Bouclé are light and fluffy.

DROPS Alpaca bouclé is known for its softness and fluffy appearance, small curls add texture and volume to knitted or crocheted projects, creating an interesting visual effect and a pleasant feel to the touch.

DROPS Alpaca bouclé exists in mix colors, which means that the wool is made by carding the colors together before spinning it, which gives this mix effect.